About Us

The negative stigma surrounding the use of marijuana and cannabis products is rapidly decreasing. Once looked upon as a purely recreational drug, ever-increasing studies have proven that CBD, cannabis and medical marijuana have a multitude of health benefits that are unmatched.

All-natural cannabis products have been proven to reduce anxiety and stress, improve quality of sleep, assist with the management of pain and inflammation and successfully manage mood disorders.

As the premier wholesale distributor of high quality, organic wellness products, Afrigold Wellness specialises in a full spectrum of leading cannabis brands and products.

Dealing exclusively with selective retail partners, the Afrigold Wellness brand prides itself on delivering to an expansive network and offers qualitative in-store representation.

The Afrigold Wellness range of high-end edibles are in a league of their own, with a variety that is unmatched by other wholesale suppliers.

The knowledge to achieve good health can be found in selecting the leading products in the industry, Afrigold Wellness products.

All of our CBD products contain less then 0.3% THC.